"Diana is one of the most skilled and versatile editors I know. As a senior editor at GBG, her brain seemed to be always on fire with new and innovative ideas ranging from author services to book ideas. She has a great ability to look at a manuscript from a bird's eye view and quickly determine what we can do to improve it. Her client communications are always professional, diplomatic, and kind, earning her rave reviews from many authors." Carrie Jones, PMP

Director of Production, Greenleaf Book Group 

"Diana has been freelancing with Dragonfly Editorial since 2006. She has worked on a variety of projects for us, ranging from writing white papers, blog posts, and web copy to editing proposals, books, and technical articles. I can always count on high-quality work from Diana as well as a professional manner when dealing directly with clients. She is a solid editor and a joy to work with!"    

Margaret Walker 

Editorial Manager, Dragonfly Editorial 

"I worked with Diana for two years at Greenleaf Book Group, where she edited dozens of manuscripts at every stage of production from idea to publication. Diana is a consistent and thoughtful editor and excels at high-level structure—helping define the overall direction of a book. She directed the training of other editors and represented the company at various events, including a standing-room-only presentation at SXSW. Diana is a valuable asset for any publishing team."  

Nathan True 

Senior Editor

"I have enjoyed working  with Blue Dragon Consulting over this past year. They have been a tremendous help with my ghostwriting and editing projects. They can pull raw ideas from me, a reluctant writer, and turn them into polished, engaging stories. 

My experience has been nothing short of amazing."

Senator Thomas Mann, Jr.

Author of Surveillance and The Call to Serve

"Blue Dragon has been a tremendous help with the creation of my memoir. I love how they stay true to my voice and the original spirit of the work, while asking a mix of the right questions to get the job done. I would highly recommend working with them." 

E. Ruggieri 

Author of Angel Runner

"Diana helped me, a first-time author, turn my rough manuscript into a polished memoir. She listened to my thoughts and ideas and then suggested the perfect way for me to structure my book. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Her help invaluable. Without her, this book would not exist."

Carmen Westberg

Author of Dear Jeff 

"Diana is wonderful to work with. She is professional, personable, and meets every deadline. Our clients have had nothing but rave reviews of her editing. I would not hesitate to recommend her!"

Sara Kocek 

Owner, Yellow Bird Editors

"Diana is a joy to work with. For the last number of years, she has consistently been at the ready to jump in and help support the editorial needs of our high-profile clients. Diana is a versatile editor, able to adjust the level of edit according to each of our client’s needs. It is a pleasure to work with someone as reliable and talented as Diana. We truly value her as a member of our editorial team at Blu Pagoda."

Tom and Rachel Fomaro

Founders, Blu Pagoda

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