About Us

The Reason Behind Our Name

2012 was the year of the water dragon. In feng shui, the dragon is associated with helpful people, and water is associated with career. When the two meet, good fortune reigns supreme in all things business. 

Diana Ceres, President and Founder of Blue Dragon Consulting, launched a creative services firm in 2012 to commemorate this special year. 

At Blue Dragon, we create effective copy and lasting partnerships. And just like the water dragon, we do it with a smile while braving even the scariest of deadlines. 

Our Founder

A seasoned communications professional, Diana Ceres brings over 20 years of expertise to each project she oversees. She has shared her talents with leading editorial agencies, publishers, and creative services firms across the country. 

The Best in Creative Services

Whether your project needs to be edited, written, or promoted on social media, you will receive the best in creative services when you work with Blue Dragon.  

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